NBA so far……

6 Nov

So far after a good strong week of NBA action a lot of things have come about. It took the new look Lakers 4 games to get their first win…..the thunder traded away James harden (crazy move) the spurs and the Knicks are the only undefeated teams left. With all that happening the heat (who lost to the Knicks) look more dominant with Allen hitting those 3’s…..yea the lost to new York but at the end of the day HEAT NATION STAND UP



5 Oct

First of let me start by sayin that I am the man in 2k……if u dont know what 2k is u need to be ashamed of yourself. Ok ok let me stop yes I have lost before BUT it rarely happens. O and dont let it be for money cause its a wrap. I only played it one time since I bought it but giving the fact that majority of the 2k basketball games have always been a success I didn’t expect anything less. The game play is crazy….if it got anymore realistic u might as well be getting paid cause u would be in the game….my bro Brandon is a killa in the my player mode so I already know he got me beat. They even brought back the dunk contest with a twist. If u played guitar hero then u know what im talking about……overall NBA 2k13 is another hit in my book……..REAL TALK

My first blog…..

2 Oct

HELLO…….welcome to my world….lol. Well this is my first of many blogs by me. I going to talk about many things like music, sports, fashion,video games, RELATIONSHIPS…….yea I said it… get ready cause anything goes on dh1018’s blog……..REAL TALK